Goosetech | Company history
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Company history

Milan, heart of fashion and creativity, is Goose Tech’s home town, a fashion company founded in 2013 seizing an idea which was flying in the air in the world of technological research on new materials and on their use. A team of young creative designers supported by Goose Tech partners, i.e. entrepreneurs with a long experience, seized this intuition and after many researches and trials they gave birth to a new innovative project which is now a collection for both man and woman. An Italian brand, focused on the development of an excellent handcrafted style and on the evolution of style in the manufacture of a versatile collection.

The material is a special kind of polyurethane, carefully studied for clothes and with high tech performances: it is anti-mould, antiallergic, fire resistant and highly versatile. Being see-through and making feathers visible polyurethane is the great innovation of this brand.

The Goose Tech’s Showroom is located in the elegant building in Via Senato 20, an example of the splendid neoclassical architecture typical of Milanese palaces. The space displays all the current seasonal collections, overlooking at the same time, the lush internal garden often used for events and parties. The close proximity to the “Milan’s fashion district”, makes this showroom an ideal space for both Italian and foreign buyers and journalists.