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Ilike colors -most of them-.
Trying new color recipes on the goose down is a wonderful stylistic experience.
My Goose Tech style is based on the research, design and development of new materials, using luminescent effects, technical jacquard processes, unusual devoré systems, coated fabrics and a mix of natural and synthetic textile fibres.
I use to add some extraordinary textural effects to my outwear, giving it some movement, making it sometimes rough, sometimes very puffy.
Key elements in my style are the all-over printed patterns, always handmade, which characterize garments giving them a unique appearance. They narrate a world in a constant state of becoming, in balance between reality and imagination.
I love to work on a series of different volumes and shapes that are able not to tell the story of the goose down only. On the contrary, my bomber dresses, my down jackets that look like cool oversize sweatshirts and my spacesuits, the sexiest spacesuits ever, show the cosmopolitan approach to style that defines this new Brand era.
My vision of the Goose Tech Brand is an expression of absolute present-day luxury, able to dress all the generations with a technical but couture outwear.

Martina Campanella

#techcouture is the claim that best embodies my aesthetic approach.