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Patent “brevetto Italia 1423663”

Tech is our philosophy: it is the keyword to understand and to wear Goose Tech garments. The special polyurethane shell comes from an intense study and research of our R&D department combining extremely original and refined techniques and unexpected materials with our idea of fashion.

Polyurethane is totally transparent, fire resistant, water-proof and it does not stain.

Since the shell is see-through, you can see the filling of the down jacket in its different shades of colour. It is the essence of transparency, it does not ‘lie’ and it fosters imagination. It is gorgeously contemporary, it is a mystery of technology which in a part makes it possible to see the whole.

Textile High-Tech Multilayer Material

A ‘textile’ multilayer material is the innovative formula by Goose Tech. Goose Tech’s/Our challenge is a combination of fashion and technology: the result is a special mix which – once solid – has proved to be water proof, anti-allergic, anti-mould and fire resistant. It has also proved not to stain and to keep warm. It is the perfect material to be used in many ways, from clothing to furniture.

This transparent and translucent shell is the result of Goose Tech studies and it is characterized by various elements. It has become Goose Tech trademark in many of its collections.

Goose Tech shell, used to wind together and make various fabrics noble, is used to manufacture the down bag. Being see-through it makes it possible to show different fillings. An ever different ‘moving’ pattern is thus created, with a mix of neutral and dyed feathers, feather and down. A guarantee of uniqueness of the 21st century, a playful technology which turns into a style evolution. Polyurethane has been tested and submitted to strength, breakage, lengthening, tear and resistance to hydrolysis tests.